Friday, August 19, 2011

Coupon: School Photos

School Photos Dilemma

As a mom myself, school photos are something I dread. Every year I'm practically forced by expectation to have my child take photos that are known for habitually being bad, boring, bringing out forced smiles and having awful backdrops. The school photos also come in packages that force me to buy sizes I don't want.

I wanted a solvent this year so I thought: "Why don't I shoot school photos that are fresh and let children's personalities shine with a modern or traditional school photo twist?" Well that's my mission.

My clients will get a disc to print out their own photos, smiles will be natural and I will provide fun backdrops and accessories that can be chosen to reflect the child's personality.

The price comparison on printing is out of this world when compared to the local school photo service and you can choose the photos you want instead of having one option chosen for you.

Price comparison: Lifetouch, the company that does school photos, offers two 2"x3" and four 1.5"x2.5" photos for $9 as its cheapest package. For $9.99 at Walgreens you can get 20 4"x6" photos, three 5"x7" photos, three 8"x10" and 20 wallet size photos!

Backdrop options and School Photos portfolio below:

$25 for a 15 minute session 

includes the following:
-5 edited images and full CD of all images
-edited images also available in black and white upon request
-choose up to 4 backdrops 

Backdrop Options:

School of Retro Backdrop

School of Retro Backdrop

Keen on Clean Pegboard Backdrop

Keen on Clean Pegboard Backdrop

Go Green Backdrop
Field of Dreams Backdrop

Also available to shoot sibling or friends back to school photos:

More Portfolio images for School Portraits:


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