Monday, February 27, 2012

Downtown Family Special: The C Family!

I had a great time downtown with these dear friends.  You may notice little J's hands in his pockets in many photos, hiding his hand warmers :).  I love their bright, happy faces and great smiles!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Box Top Contest Winners: The J Family!

This darling family was the winner of the Box Top Contest at my daughter's school.  This Mom knows how to collect Box Tops, WOW!  I love all of their stunning eyes!!

Downtown Family Special: The H Family!

This cute lady talked me into one last day of shooting downtown on my family special.  The day went perfectly (though I looked like I had just come off the slopes in my snowgear to stay warm).  I love their outfits with these colorful store fronts!  You are fun H Fam!!

City County Building with the K Family!

Back to posting again...hoping to post at least 5 this week.  Someday I will get caught up!  We had a great Fall afternoon at the City County Building in Salt Lake City with the K Family!  Mrs. K, I admire you!